Comedian Eddie Griffin: ‘I’ll Vote For Kanye West Before Donald Motherf***ing Trump’


In a recent interview, longtime comedian and actor Eddie Griffin said he would vote for anyone but billionaire Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump — though he is also tired of “professional politicians” like Hillary Clinton.

“I’ll vote for [Kanye West] before Donald Motherf***ing Trump,” Eddie Griffin told DJ Vlad, adding that Donald Trump “is good at making money, but he’s an ignorant motherf***er when it comes to social issues.”

In August, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West announced at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards that he intends to run for President of the Unites States in 2020.

“If Trump wins, I’m moving to Africa,” Griffin said. “If he wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, I know what the f**k he feel about a n***a.”

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise in popularity among Republican primary voters and beyond has been linked to his consistent promise to fix and modernize America’s legal immigration system. Building a border wall is a major plank in Trump’s plan.

Griffin, whose Amazon original movie American Hero was released on December 11th, said he thinks patrol officers should be rotated out every two years because “cops are shellshocked. It’s a war out there.”

“Then you have got to do a better job of vetting who the f*** you’re allowing on the force,” Griffin added. “You’re a public servant. You are not my daddy. You are not my motherf***ing boss. And you are not the Gestapo, and f*** you and Hitler.”

“Why is a majority of these incidences with known racist cops? You don’t see the [Ku Klux] Klan no more because they all got badges where they can legally kill a black man,” he said.

Griffin also said he was beat up by the police for “no reason other than being black.”


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