Oscar Gift Bag Swag: $200K Worth of Luxury Toilet Paper, Sex Toys, and Armpit Mops


While most nominees will walk away from the upcoming Academy Awards without with an Oscar, the company in charge of putting together this year’s luxurious gift bags will ensure nobody walks away empty-handed.

According to TheWrap, each of this year’s Oscars nominees will leave the event pocketing more than $200,000 worth of free goods, whether they win or lose, courtesy of niche marketing company Distinctive Assets.

The gift bags include a trip to Israel worth $55,000, a one-year supply of Audi A4 Rentals worth $45,000, a $250 sex toy for women, personalized M&M’s priced at $300, and a box of armpit mops to reduce sweat marks for stars on the red carpet.

Other gift bag items include:

  • Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer ($249.99) (the Academy has banned the use of the inhalation devices at the ceremony)
  • Personalized My M&M’s ($300)
  • Halo, Purely for Pets ($6,300) (holistic pet products creator)
  • Lizora ($31,200)
  • Tribute ($125)
  • Caolion ($134)
  • Healing Saint by Dr. Jane 360 ($193)
  • Walk Japan ($54,000)
  • Alexi Seletzky, Celebrity Trainer ($900)
  • Belldini ($300 +)
  • Chocolatines ($35)
  • Dandi Patch ($21)
  • Delovery ($2,000)
  • Farm Wife Style (handmade jewelry)
  • Gleener on the Go ($11.99)
  • Golden Door ($4,800) (spa retreat)
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria ($5,000)
  • Grand Hotel Tremezzo ($5,000)
  • Greenhill Winery & Vineyards ($39)
  • Jay Cardiello  ($1,400)
  • Joseph’s Toiletries ($275) (premium hygiene products)
  • Lat & Lo ($150)
  • Memobottle ($47)
  • Mezcal El Silencio ($75)
  • Mission1 Clean Protein Bar ($5.64/box)
  • Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her ($250) (feminine sex toy)
  • Phantom Glass ($49.95-$59.95)
  • Purely Inspired Organic Protein ($19.97)
  • Rougle Maple ($99)
  • Sedona Lace ($109.95) (premium makeup)
  • Signature Vodka ($70)
  • Slimware ($29.95)
  • Steamist ($5,060) (in-shower aromatherapy steam generator)
  • Sundial Power Coating ($500)
  • Tools by Gina ($250)
  • Zekkle Edge ($125)
  • 740 Park MD ($5,530) (plastic surgery)

Also included: a $54,000 walking tour of Japan, Hydroxycut Gummies for $19.88, a Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” for $6,250, and a $1,900 Vampire Breast Lift, which is a procedure that revives cleavage without implants by using blood-derived growth factors, according to Cosmopolitan.

According to The Daily Mail, the following stars are listed as gift bag recipients this year by Distinctive Assets: Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Mark Ruffalo, Sylvester Stallone, Rachel McAdams, Kate Winslet, and Alejandro Iñárritu.

Last year’s bags featured $125,000 worth of items, including a luxury train ride through the Canadian rockies for $14,500 and a Reset Yourself “lifestyle makeover package” for $14,200.

TheWrap has the full list of this year’s gift bag items here.


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