Jenner: Hillary ‘Couldn’t Care Less About Women’

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Bruce Jenner ripped Hillary Clinton during the second season premiere of the I Am Cait reality TV series Sunday night, telling a friend that the Democrat presidential frontrunner “couldn’t care less about women.”

The 66-year-old former Olympian and reality TV star told friends while on a bus trip that a Democrat debate is the “last place I want to be.”

“But I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side,” Jenner told friend Chandi Moore. “Although she won’t be. She couldn’t care less about women. She cares about herself.”

Jenner, who shocked fans and transgender advocates last week by announcing support for Republican contender Ted Cruz, also pushed back after friend Jenny Boylan asked which of the Republican presidential candidates would be best on issues important to the LGBT community.

“All of them,” Jenner replied. “None of the Republicans are ‘I hate trans people’ or ‘I hate gays.’ They do nothing of that. I want a driving economy so every trans person has a job.”

“Republicans and conservatives are not these horrible people who are trying to oppress people,” Jenner added later. After Boylan pressed, saying no Republican had ever supported the LGBT community, Jenner pushed back: “They’re just not talking about it. For the Republicans it’s not a big issue. The economy’s the big issue. They’re just worried about 18 trillion dollars of debt.”

“Sometimes these girls think now that I’ve transitioned everything has to change. ‘You can’t be conservative any more, you have to be a liberal,'” Jenner followed up in an aside to the camera. “I don’t believe that. I can keep all my views the same because in my heart I feel that’s the best way to go.”

In a promo for the rest of the season (above), Jenner is seen meeting with Clinton.

Last month, Jenner told a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania that being transgender in Hollywood is easier than being a conservative.

“I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,” Jenner said.