Cyndi Lauper Compares Donald Trump to Hitler

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Pop star Cyndi Lauper finds Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric “shocking” and “appalling,” she revealed in an interview Friday, going on to compare the Republican presidential nominee to Adolf Hitler, as countless celebrities have done in this election season.

“No matter what his daughter [Ivanka] says, it has nothing to do with that that guy is selling,” the “True Colors” singer said in an interview with San Diego’s Morning News Friday morning. “That guy is selling inflammatory things that I have never in my whole entire life heard… except, you know, Hitler.”

Lauper, a prominent LGBT activist whose True Colors Fund was launched in 2008 to focus on issues of LGBT homelessness, said that she was “shocked” to hear Trump speak about LGBT issues when so many employees of his hit television show The Apprentice were gay.

Lauper was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2010, but was fired by Trump during the season’s ninth episode.

“You don’t talk about your employees like that ever,” she said.

Lauper is just one of many celebrities who have likened Trump to the Nazi leader during this year’s presidential race.

In August, fellow pop star Cher compared Trump to Hitler during a heated speech at a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Cape Cod.

“I just think he’s a f*cking idiot,” Cher said. “I was thinking despots — Stalin, Hitler — even though they said the same things, we’re going to make Germany great again, and it was at a time when the Deutsch mark I think was at 25 cents.“

Other celebrities who have made the comparison recently include Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, comedians Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher, actress Eva Longoria, The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.


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