Ice Cube Calls For Obama Third Term: Trump and Hillary ‘Both Suck’

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In an interview this week, rapper, actor and film producer Ice Cube expressed his desire to see President Obama serve a third term in office and shared his thoughts on how a “better option” exists for Americans casting their vote in this year’s presidential election.

“To me, both candidates suck,” the Barbershop star said on Too $hort’s BoomBox podcast Wednesday, as first reported by TMZ. “They both suck. I want another Obama. Can we get Obama again?”

Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Cube says the Democratic candidate is the “the less[er] of the two” evils. However, Cube adds, there’s also a “better option” for voters heading to the polls in November.

“The option is, make sure you get your ass up to go to work in the morning, no matter who’s the president,” he said. “That’s the option. It don’t even matter which one of them motherf*ckers becomes president.”

“The thing is, you are still not going to have the power to change what they want to do,” Cube continued. “You have the power to change your situation. I think you should focus on that.”

For those still undecided about who they’re supporting for president, Cube suggested that Americans vote for the most charismatic candidate.

“Who would you want your kids to f*cking hang out with for a weekend? It’s just simple,” he said. “Who you want your kids to be with — Uncle Donald or Aunt Hillary? Who’d you want to watch nieces and nephews?”

The former NWA member has appeared to have a change of heart regarding Trump in recent months.

Four months after saying Trump is “what Americans love” about the country and the American Dream, Cube insisted this summer that he “will never endorse a mothaf*cka’ like Trump.”

Still, the rapper and actor apparently has little affection for Clinton, telling Bloomberg in April that the Democratic candidate’s previous remarks about the black community helped “justify” current police brutality.

Despite the fact that more than two-thirds of Democrats say they want to see Obama serve a third term, the president said in January that he doesn’t want four more years in the White House.


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