Miley Cyrus: Sanders Supporters Not Voting for Clinton Are ‘F*cking Crazy’

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Actress and singer Miley Cyrus said those Bernie Sanders supporters still refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election are “f*cking crazy.”

“That’s f*cking crazy and you’re out of your mind,” Cyrus said in a recent interview with Variety. “It’s literally pissing me off more than anything.”

When asked if she had always been a Clinton supporter, the 23-year-old star and The Voice co-host said she was “a really big Bernie supporter” during the Democratic primaries.

However, Cyrus isn’t the only celebrity to publicly disparage Sanders supporters who haven’t committed to voting for Clinton.

During her primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention in July, actress and comedian Sarah Silverman called Sanders supporters considering voting for Donald Trump “ridiculous.”

“If you could ever consider Donald Trump, you never understood Bernie in the first place,” Silverman said.

In the Variety interview, Cyrus compared the Republican presidential nominee to reality TV family the Kardashians.

“This is not a dig. But I do think there’s something that goes with the Kardashians and Trump,” she said. “The Kardashians are better than Trump, because they are not trying to run the country. They are just trying to be famous, and that’s fine. We are obsessed with celebrity. When Trump started this, I was laughing. I thought it’s not going to go anywhere; there’s no way he’ll be the candidate.”

In March, Cyrus called Trump a “f*cking nightmare” who makes her want to vomit. The singer also threaten “move out da country” should Trump win in November.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer is currently starring in the Woody Allen-created Amazon television series Crisis in Six Scenes. 

Read the full Variety interview here.


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