Fabio Buying a Gun After More than $200,000 in Gold Coins, Watches, Stolen from Home

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services via AP

Model Fabio says he is buying a gun after more than $200,000 in gold coins and watches were stolen from his home.

He said the suspects who targeted his home entered through the one area of his property where there was no security camera. He stressed that there is a camera in that location now.

He also made clear that he is getting a gun.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Fabio said, “I came home and I saw one of the windows [broken]. I knew right away [that] something [had] happened.” He said he had trained rottweilers, but had left them outside that day; the only day that the burglars could have entered the home without facing the security dogs.

He said the burglars lifted his 200-pound safe off the floor, even though it was bolted down. The safe contained over $120,000 in gold coins and approximately $80,000 in watches.

Fabio said he has so many friends who say they were walking down the street and “got mugged” or they describe how someone just walked up and snatched their computer. He said, “The system is a total failure. And I’ve said this before, coming from Europe it’s like a movie, I already saw the freaking movie.”

He added, “It’s a real mess. California’s a mess.”

Fabio urged his fellow celebrities to come and be vocal in their support of the police. He said, “The police [are] the ones who serve us, not the criminal. So we have to take a stand, we have to help the police.”

He added, “The police right now [are] demoralized. They are like, ‘Why should I stop some criminal and risk my life, and then maybe get into trouble with the law because now the law is on the side of the criminal.'”

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