Jackie Mason: Celebrities Were ‘Orgasmic’ When Senate Healthcare Bill Failed (Exclusive Video)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie takes Hollywood celebrities to task for unashamedly celebrating the recent failures of both the House and Senate to pass a viable health care bill.

Still, Jackie has heart, and so he commiserates with all the late-night hosts who take shot after shot at President Donald Trump, and yet don’t seem to see any results, aside from a bump in the ratings.

“Trump is still a hit, and they can’t believe it, they can’t tolerate it,” Jackie says of the current crop of late-night hosts. “If he exists, even if he just lives in this country, they get so sick they have to see if they can find new ways to wipe him out.”

“Stephen Colbert is a perfect example,” he adds. “You know, the guy who wasn’t doing so hot? He was nowhere in the ratings. He kept talking to himself for weeks, months; nobody knew he was even there. All of a sudden he says to himself, ‘I’ve got a good idea. I’ll louse up Trump. He’s a controversial character; for everyone who likes him, there’s another who can’t stand him… I have no talent, so maybe Trump will replace the fact that I have such a deficit of talent.'”

But Jackie’s not content just to hit Colbert.

“Did you what another lowlife thing the celebrities just did?” he asks. “Did you see how orgasmic they became when they found out McCain killed the health care bill? He was happy to kill it, because he had an opportunity as a senator to get the best health care. And now he’s gonna be healthy, thank god! But you know what kind of condition everyone else is gonna be in?”

Jackie also has a few choice words for actor and leftist activist Sean Penn.

Watch his latest above.


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