Report: Megyn Kelly Called Makeup Artist ‘F*cking B*tch,’ Was Insensitive to Staffer Who Had Miscarriage

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly reportedly verbally abused a Fox News makeup artist by calling her a “f*cking bitch,” which forced Fox News to give the staffer, the late Alexis McKinney, a $25,000 payout.

Kelly is trying to present herself as a champion of women’s rights, but a Daily Mail report also notes that Kelly was “insensitive to another makeup artist who had a miscarriage” and once deliberately kept a female guest clueless about her show’s topics “while flirting with the men also appearing on air” because she did not want another female potentially upstaging her.

According to the report, when Kelly co-anchored Fox’s America’s Newsroom, she was upset one morning because “she didn’t have an appointment to get her make-up done.”

“By the time she got to the third make-up artist, Alexis, she was upset. Alexis was working on Fox & Friends guests and they all had to be finished before 9am so it was impossible for her to take Megyn,” the insider told Daily Mail. “When Alexis told her she didn’t have time to do her make-up, Megyn turned around and called her a ‘f**king bitch.’”

Another source told Daily Mail that McKinney, who passed away in a car accident in 2014, was “deeply upset” after Kelly’s verbal abuse, which was the “last straw.”

Another staffer told the outlet: “Megyn has a problem with people who stand up to her and she doesn’t like strong women. Alexis was a strong woman and stood her ground and paid the price.”

A female guest on Kelly’s Kelly File told the outlet that she thinks Kelly deliberately tried to make her look bad because she did not want another female “performing as well as her.” Kelly’s producer reportedly told the guest that Kelly “would have a chat before we started filming,” but that chat never materialized even though Kelly flirtatiously “talking the other [male] guests through their questions and giving a run-down of the show.”

“I distinctly remember thinking at the time, I know what happened – I believe she set me up to be not as prepared because she didn’t want the chance of a younger female performing as well as her,” the guest told Daily Mail. “She wanted me to be on the back foot and she succeeded. It felt very deliberate as opposed to an oversight. She is not a woman’s woman.”

These past incidents are coming to light as current NBC staffers on Kelly’s morning show are ripping her for her hypocrisy—saying Kelly is calling on women to stand up to harassment in the workplace while allegedly not standing up for her own female staffers who have reportedly been verbally abused.

“She is the champion of the MeToo movement and giving a voice to people who don’t have a voice – but she hasn’t done it for us,” a current staffer told Daily Mail.

In January, one of Kelly’s top writers, Kevin Bleyer, was reportedly fired after he complained to NBC News President Noah Oppenheim that staffers, including young women, were being “abused” and “harassed” by the show’s top two producers.

A source described to the Daily Mail that two months after NBC fired Bleyer, the atmosphere behind the scenes is still one of “bullying, belittling, and intimidation.”

According to the report, “around a dozen staffers have gone to NBC management over the continued bullying, verbal abuse and ‘Mean Girls’ culture being perpetuated by the show runners – but no action has been taken.”


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