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Michael Moore Dares Trump to ‘Grow a Pair’ and Fire Mueller

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Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore penned a lengthy Facebook post this week taunting President Donald Trump and daring him to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Mr. President, it’s now been nearly 24 hours since the renegade prosecutor Robert Mueller illegally raided the offices of your PERSONAL lawyer, Michael Cohen — the PERSONAL LAWYER of the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief, the Leader of the Free World! — and you have just sat by and done nothing,” Moore said

“Nothing! I can’t believe it,” Moore wrote. “I am sitting here in stunned disbelief that you are letting them get away with this!”

On Monday, the FBI raided the office of President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen’s Lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said the raids were “in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

“NO American president has EVER been subjected to such a search? NEVER! YOU are the first to whom this has happened — and THEY think they can get away with it! YOU MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!” Moore wrote, sarcastically, daring President Trump fire Mueller. 

“If they had suspected that Michael Cohen was a Russian agent, or was in the act of committing a crime —ok, I get it, they would have had to do their job,” the liberal activist continued.

“But to break in to to the PRESIDENT’S lawyer’s office over a check he wrote to a beloved porn star who was just a friend of yours — I’m sorry, that’s a bridge too far! The American people will not stand for this!”

Moore mocked Trump late Tuesday, after the president said that “Attorney-client privilege is dead.”

On Monday, President Trump called the raids a disgraceful “attack on our country.”

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