Netflix Teases Robin Wright Replacing Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’ Promo

House of Cards Robin Wright Netflix

“Happy Independence Day… to me,” newly-elected President Claire Underwood says in the newly released teaser for Season 6 of the popular Netflix political drama House of Cards.

Eight months after actor Kevin Spacey’s disgraced exit from the blockbuster Netflix series, Robin Wright prepares to take center stage as Claire Underwood descends upon the Oval Office. The teaser is simple, and coldly effective. Sitting upon a throne similar to the one in the Lincoln Memorial, Wright’s Underwood declares her independence from her wayward husband.

Spacey’s exit was never part of the plan, however. The ruthless Frank Underwood has been excised from House of Cards after numerous accusations of everything from sexual assault and harassment to the attempted rape of a minor. The London police continue to investigate additional claims.

Spacey initially responded with a categorical denial of the accusations but, with the mounting pressure, the Oscar-winning actor changed his tune. Rather than apologize, however, Spacey appeared to attempt to change the conversation by coming out as gay — claiming not to remember when he tried to have sex with a minor. The LGBT community was not impressed, and has consequently rejected him just as thoroughly as Hollywood has.

It remains to be seen whether House of Cards retains its brutal resonance after losing its primary voice, but Wright is a prestigious actress in her own right. Only time will tell us whether viewers will support such a dramatic turn with the remaining 8 episodes.


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