Watch: Street Artist Covers Hollywood Walk of Fame with 50 Trump Stars


Fifty Donald Trump stars appeared overnight on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday morning, coming just days after the City of West Hollywood voted for the removal of Trump’s star and Trump’s actual star was vandalized.

The 50 stars, which are vinyl (but look surprisingly authentic) are the product of a conservative street artist affiliates with Sabo who told the Hollywood Reporter he wished to remain anonymous.

With just an idea and  $1,000 donation, the artist and his team laminated the vinyl stars over blank squares along the Walk of Fame. He also told THR he feared for his safety due to the violence being perpetrated by the political left against Trump and his supporters.

“I didn’t want to get hit over the head from behind. We thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a joke, but I’m pretty sure it’s real,” the artist told THR. “If no one peels these off, they could last there for 10 years.”

Already, though, an employee at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! attraction, which is located right on Hollywood Boulevard along the Walk of Fame, has removed the stars.

He told THR this was done because he also feared violence from Trump’s left-wing critics.

“We didn’t want to have what happened to the old star here. Not only would the star be destroyed, but it would damage our property,” he said.

As of now, the political left have committed over 540 documented acts of violence, harassment, vandalism, and menacing against Trump supporters.


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