John Leguizamo: ‘Trump Trying to Divide and Destroy America for Putin’


Actor John Leguizamo went on a Trump-bashing Twitter rant over the weekend, claiming that President Donald Trump is “destroying America for Putin.”

In a Sunday tweet, the Ice Age actor again claimed that the president is a stooge of Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin.

“Trump is trying to divide and destroy America for Putin!” Leguizamo said. “Why do think he has those private talks we never see transcripts from? Don’t let him divide us! Don’t let Putin win in his master fiendish plan to destroy America! Don’t play into his hands!”

Sunday’s attack is far from the first time Leguizamo ranted about President Trump and the Russian leader.

In May, the Freak comedian was seen tweeting a similar accusation, writing that Trump was “destroying our country to satisfy Putin” and that Russian leader was “blackmailing” Trump.

He also recently espoused all-out war against all Republicans by insisting, “No more playing nice with Republicans because they have never played nice back.”

In other political tweet, Leguizamo called for a ban on guns, fought against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, came to the support of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, and said Hispanic Republicans are nothing but “roaches.”

“Latin people for Republicans are like roaches for raid … It doesn’t make sense. [Republicans are] not for us. You’re not for my values,” he wrote.

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