Michael Moore: ‘Dangerous, Sick’ Trump ‘Must Be Removed’ from Office

Kevin Winter/Getty Images For FYI

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore went after President Donald Trump late Monday, accusing him of treason and saying that he “must be removed” from office.

In a series of hysterical tweets, Michael Moore described Trump as “dangerous” and “sick” while also inaccurately claiming that the president is threatening a civil war.

Moore was referring to an earlier Trump tweet in which the president quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress, who said on Fox News that if Democrats are successful in impeaching Trump, it would cause a “Civil War”-like fracture from which the country would not heal.

“Isn’t threatening civil war an act of treason?” Moore tweeted, mischaracterizing Trump’s tweet. “On Friday he had the head of the NRA meet him in the White House. The message was clear: We have guns. They’re convinced liberals are scared by threats of violence. This dangerous, sick individual must be removed as soon as possible.”

The Oscar-winning documentarian then tweeted that Trump must be impeached because he is trying to find the identity of the anonymous White House “whistleblower.”

“Trump said he’s ‘trying to find out the identity of the whistleblower.’ Thus another felony he publicly admits he is committing!The federal Whistleblower Act makes it a CRIME ‘to identify or retaliate against a whistleblower.’ He just did committed the crime on TV! Impeach now!” Moore tweeted.

Moore followed up with another tweet, claiming that Trump’s communication with Australia’s head of state constitutes an impeachable offense.

“How many other world leaders have been bullied by this thug? Impeach!” Moore tweeted.

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