Neil Young: ‘Loser’ Trump the Latest President to Do Nothing About Climate Change

LAKE HUGHES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 14: Neil Young performs at Harvest Moon: A Gathering t
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Left-wing rocker Neil Young claims that past presidents, including Donald Trump, are losers for doing nothing about climate change, and that U.S. presidents should have addressed the issue 50 years ago.

“They are both losers,” said Neil Young of President Trump — as well as past U.S. presidents — to the Associated Press. “This one’s a loser, the last one was a loser. The time to do something has been ‘now’ for the last 50 years, and no one’s doing anything.”

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“Can you imagine that? They’re trying to fight California for lowering the emissions of vehicles?” added Young, likely in reference to President Trump’s announcement in September about his administration’s decision to revoke California’s Federal Waiver on emissions.

“That’s a big thing where the U.S. government is trying to stop — what is going on? I’m at a loss,” continued Young. “I hate to talk about this, because it just puts me in a group with everybody else, but I really think that we just need to think about ourselves as one thing, one race, one — we’re human, and we’re smart.”

“We are smart enough to screw everything up, and we’re smart enough to fix everything,” the singer added. “So what are we gonna do?”

Young has been scrutinizing the president for years. In 2018, the singer blamed the California wildfires on the president, claiming that California is vulnerable, “not because of poor forest management,” but because of climate change and its “deniers.”

“We are vulnerable because of Climate Change — the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it,” said Young. “Imagine a leader who defies science, saying these solutions shouldn’t be part of his decision-making on our behalf.”

Climate change is not Young’s only issue with the president. In August, the singer urged musicians and artists to include in their work the stories of migrant children being held in U.S. custody.

“Please answer this call to amplify their voices and elevate the truth,” he begged.

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