James Woods: I’m Buying More Stock Because I Believe America Will Roar Back

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Actor James Woods warned that the Democrat Party and CNN will continue to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to their own ends, but said that America and its economy will soon “roar back” under the direction of President Donald Trump.

The stock market had a torrid start to the week amid fears of the coronavirus pandemic, while the White House today declared an official national state of emergency over the crisis. Markets have since made a partial recovery, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining 1985 points during Trump’s presser.

Many Democrats and media organizations have used the opportunity to blame Trump for his handling of the virus. For example, some Democratic politicians including failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg have released ads attacking Trump’s response to the pandemic, while one New York Times columnist even referred to it as the “Trumpvirus.”

However, Woods took to Twitter to confirm that he would increase his holdings in the stock market because of his trust in the American nation and the roaring economy that President Trump has helped create:

I am buying more stock, because I believe in America, in this robust economy, and in President Trump. While the doom peddlers at #CNN gleefully cheer the demise of this President AT ANY COST to our proud nation, I’m sticking with the plan. #BuyAmerica #Trump2020

I bought stock heavily this week because a) I want to support this nation and this President, and b) I know that #CNN and the Democrats will exploit this crisis purely out of their hatred for @realDonaldTrump. So the market will wobble and then will eventually roar back. #WinWin.


Woods is known for his Twitter throwdowns in defense of the President and against the Democrat establishment. Last week, the veteran actor ripped Sen. Chuck Schumer over his threats against Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, declaring that America’s Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment as a safeguard against “violent haters” like the New York Senator.

“When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must take the extraordinary step of admonishing a United States Senator from targeting the lives of named Justices, we are in civil war territory,” Woods said. “The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for violent haters like  Chuck Schumer.”

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