Seth Meyers Rips CNN for Airing Trump’s ‘BullS**t Propaganda Sessions’

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 18: Host Seth Meyers (R) and Alexi Ashe attend the Worldwide Orphans Gala on November 18, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Worldwide Orphans)
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NBC’s left-wing late-night host Seth Meyers shamed news networks for continuing to air President Donald Trump’s briefings regarding the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, calling them “propaganda sessions.”

As President Trump keeps the public updated on the United States’ response to the deadly Wuhan coronavirus, Seth Meyers has decided to lambaste the media for airing the president’s briefings on the matter.

Echoing a recent CNN chryon, Meyers referred to President Trump’s briefings on the coronavirus as “a propaganda session,” suggesting that news networks refrain from airing the sought after press conferences.

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“That’s the guy news networks have decided to air unfiltered during a national emergency,” said Meyers, who went on to claim that the president “can’t even read his own script.”

“If that’s the kind of content you want, cable networks, just take a live feed of of my grandpa at his next eye exam,” added the Village of the Damned actor.

Meyers went on to cite a bizarre CNN chyron, which stated, “Angry Trump Turns Briefing into Propaganda Session.”

“You know what else turned that into a propaganda session? Pointing your camera at it,” said Meyers. “Before you showed up, it was just ‘crazy lawn man does his thing.’ You can’t air a propaganda session and criticize it. It’s like if MTV had aired Jersey Shore with the disclaimer, ‘Change the channel, this show sucks.'”

“And that is what it was, a propaganda session,” Meyers insisted.

The Chinese coronavirus has killed 31,590 people in the United States thus far, according to the latest data provided by Johns Hopkins University at the time of publishing.

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