Michael Moore: By Fighting the Reality of Coronavirus, Trump ‘Is Getting Us Killed’

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore Wednesday on MSNBC argued that President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus outbreak was “getting us killed.”

Moore said, “I think you and others have done a good job of telling the story about how this could have been prevented. Not the disease, not the virus, the virus exists. We’ve always had viruses. We’ve always had to fight them, but we could have gotten —if we’ve gotten just a quicker jump on it if the president hadn’t called it a hoax, hadn’t fought the reality of it.”

He continued, “And still today, Brian, still today, getting rid of the top person in charge of vaccines because that person didn’t offer enough praise to Caesar. What does he think he’s doing? This guy is — we used to say this guy’s going to get us killed. Actually, it wasn’t just a joke. This guy is getting us killed.”

Michael Moore added, “People are not going to forget this at election time. The majority of the people are not going to forget this — people have lost loved ones, people who are sick right now who are watching this. This will not be forgotten. What is ahead of us for the second wave? The second wave that’s now going to come with the flu and he gets angry at the CDC head that tells us the truth. We need the truth. We need total transparency. Don’t sugar-coat it for us.”

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