NBC’s Seth Meyers Claims ABC Town Hall Proves ‘Idiot Blowhard’ Trump in ‘Mental Decline’


NBC’s left-wing Late Night host Seth Meyers has claimed that Tuesday’s ABC Town Hall provided evidence it is President Donald Trump who is in “mental decline” rather than Democratic nominee Joe Biden, accusing conservative media of trying to make November’s presidential election “a referendum on the candidates’ mental fitness.”

Meyers began the segment by describing it as “cathartic” to see regular voters “put Trump in his place” at the event moderated by anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“That’s what happens when Trump steps outside his right-wing media bubble,” the Late Night host said. “Most of the time he surrounds himself with sycophants and yes men. So he’s rarely treated like the idiot blowhard he is.”

According to Meyers, when Trump calls into Fox & Friends, “the hosts just sit there, staring blankly into the camera like they’re posing for passport photos.”

Watch below:

The late-night funnyman also weighed in on Trump’s suggestion that Biden may be taking performance-enhancing drugs to slow his evident cognitive decline and “give him some clarity.”

“Trump and his supporters in right-wing media have also been desperate to make the presidential campaign a referendum on the candidates’ mental fitness,” Meyers explained. “I’m sorry, you think Biden is taking drugs? You sniffle like you just walked out of the bathroom in Studio 54.”

“So Trump wants you to think Joe Biden’s the one in cognitive decline and yet when Trump defended his lie that the coronavirus would just magically go away, he tried to claim that we would soon reach herd immunity, which is a lie and also incredibly dangerous without a vaccine,” Meyers continued. “And on top of that, he couldn’t seem to remember the term.”

Meyers followed up by mocking Trump over his incorrect use of the phrase “herd immunity,” which he mistakenly referred to as “herd mentality” before taking a subtle dig at his supporters.

“Yes, it will go away once we have achieved a herd mentality. If that’s the case, then I guess Trump supporters are already cured,” he joked. “He meant to say herd immunity, but couldn’t remember it. You know, if Joe Biden really is taking a magical drug that gives him clarity, then maybe you should try a little of that too. I mean, how much worse could it make you? Every time you do one of these insane interviews you sound like you just got done huffing asbestos.”

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