ABC Drama ‘The Good Doctor’: Trump Voters Should Be Vilified


Disney-owned network ABC’s hit medical drama The Good Doctor returned this week and went on the attack against Republicans and the tens of millions of Americans who supported Donald Trump, smearing them as “intolerant” people who should be “vilified.”

In the episode entitled “Waiting,” two young boys are shot at a political rally, and during the surgery for one of the boys, a political rant and against the right comes down from Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas), a character who often displays her self-righteousness.

“It’s so sad that people can’t express their views peacefully. The right is so intolerant of political differences — any differences,” Dr. Browne said.

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One of her colleagues noted that there is intolerance on both sides of the political aisle. But Browne disagreed. And in reply, she doled out the lie that the left has cast against President Trump since 2017.

“Oh, like there are good people on both sides?” Dr. Browne said. This line is a reference to the lie from the left and the corporate media that Donald Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” in the aftermath of the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Brwone was dumbfounded when Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) confessed to being a “card carrying member” of the NRA after being robbed at gun point one night while out on a date in a shady part of town.

That was not the end of Dr. Browne’s political rant. When one of the other doctors noted that he voted for Trump because of his supportive stance on Israel, Dr. Browne rages at her colleague.

“I liked his stand on Israel. But I’ve never told anyone because I’d be absolutely vilified,” Dr. Asher Wolke (Noah Galvin), who is gay, said to explain his 2016 vote for Trump.

Dr. Browne shot back, “As you should be, especially you.”

That wasn’t the only act of intolerance Dr. Browne displayed in the surgery. In another scene, she admitted that she now no longer respects her friend.

After Dr. Wolke again said he voted “once” for Trump, Dr. Browne exclaimed, “And then what? You — You… You suddenly discovered he was exactly who he said he was?”

The conversation continued:

Dr. Wolke: I don’t feel like you want an answer. I feel like you want an apology.

Dr. Browne: This kind of changes how I feel about you.

Dr. Wolke:What does that mean? You’re saying you don’t respect me? We can’t be friends because of a vote?

Dr. Browne:It is more than a vote.

Dr. Wolke: Yeah. It’s a fundamental right that I exercised. This kind of changes how I feel about you. If I can’t have a political opinion about the best way to improve all our lives –

Dr. Browne: Do you think anybody’s life got better?

Watch below:

The episode neatly displayed the intolerance and hatred from the left side of the political aisle. It also pushed their lies about Trump. The episode voiced without opposition the lie that Trump said there were “very fine” Nazis or white supremacists in Charlottesville, the lie that he did nothing to better the lives of the American people, and the lie that he represented hate and intolerance.

Trump actually increased his share of the black voter support? According to The Guardian, “Trump gained 4 percentage points with African Americans, 3 percentage points with Hispanics and Latinos, and 5 percentage points with Asian Americans.”

Meanwhile, as The Good Doctor’s Dr. Brown tried to characterize Trump voters as dangerous racists who are obsessed with guns, the episode also didn’t mention the fact that black Americans have become one of the biggest customers for new gun purchases.

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