Actor John Cusack Trashes America: ‘We Aren’t Great. We’re F**king Awful’

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: Actor John Cusack speaks at a rally ahead of an upcoming potential strike on September 24, 2019 in Chicago. With Chicago teachers demanding increased school funding, pay raises, and more healthcare benefits, the rally also featured Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who praised teachers' work and …
Scott Heins/Getty Images

Far-left actor John Cusack, who has amassed an estimated $50 million net worth in his near forty-year Hollywood career, this week trashed the United States of America, calling it a “fucking awful” place “full of cowards and corporate whores.”

“I was at a ballpark last night. And they did their support the troops ad – that conflate Boeing with troops serving – while supporting the gop – that means funding the insurrection – anti democratic forces – the opposite of what they claim to support – ‘US freedom,'” the Hot Tub Time Machine star said. “They preach freedom at baseball games – but back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections – abc the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote. Yet they get to wrap themselves in the flag?”

“Had enough yet?” he continued in response to a Twitter user who described Boeing as supporting “highly inflated lucrative government contracts and corporate welfare.”

“Let’s call the USA what it is – decadent on the fast track to autocracy – living on the atavistic fumes of ww 2 greatest generation Tver [sic] actually took on fascism and beat it down – We can’t even arrest open criminals in gop- nor a mentally ill white supremacist lawless thug,” he continued.

“We aren’t great – we aren’t even mediocre – we’re fucking awful – full of cowards and corporate whores – Boeing gets to take out tax dollars – parade our soldiers – wrap themselves in the flag – while financially backing fascists?” he continued. “We have no leaders – no soul – Just greed.”

Cusack claimed, with no specificity, Boeing has been giving money to “anti democratic” forces. Open Secrets reveals the company donated more to then-candidate Joe Biden — $123,186, precisely– than to former President Donald Trump. Additionally, it gave $628,472 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and $280,445 to the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC.

Cusack has not attempted to hide his political opinions, essentially identifying nearly a third of Americans as Nazis during a Twitter rant last year.


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