NBC’s ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Hides Gushing Interview with Andrew Cuomo


NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appears to be trying to hide a gushing interview it conducted last year with disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) by turning the YouTube video to “private” mode, which blocks the public from viewing the now-embarrassing video.

Host Jimmy Fallon interviewed Cuomo in May of last year at the height of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. During the conversation, Fallon described Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic as “honest” and “perfect” while also praising the governor for giving the public “facts.”

Fallon also asked the governor about his sex-symbol status and his “Cuomosexual” fan base.

An archived version of the YouTube page features a description of the interview saying that Cuomo discusses the “global praise he’s received for his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, how he’s handled becoming the internet’s new boyfriend and why people should support the New York state emergency response fund.”

The title of the video is “Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Global Praise and Cuomosexual Fans.”

On Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo announced his resignation following mounting pressure from within the Democratic party and the establishment media. His resignation comes after New York attorney general Letitia James (D) concluded Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women, including nine current or former state employees.

Cuomo was also facing a nursing home scandal in which he ordered elder care facilities to accept residents who had been hospitalized with COVID-19. In addition, a top Cuomo aide revealed that the administration withheld crucial data on nursing home deaths.

As of Wednesday morning, a version of the Jimmy Fallon interview was still accessible on NBC’s official site.

NBC late-night host Jimmy Fallon interviews “Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Global Praise and Cuomosexual Fans.”

Here are excerpts of the conversation:

Fallon: I just want to say on behalf of me and my family, New Yorkers, bigger than that, the world, thank you for your leadership. Because man, right out of the gate, you were there for us, and I go, woah, he’s smart, and you were honest. And I know politicians, everyone does what they have to do. But you came across so honest, like, I’m telling you everything there is to know.  Boom, boom, boom, and I was like, he is doing it so perfect, I love this. It’s honestly gone global and now the world is watching you…

Cuomo:… What I tried to do and especially for New Yorkers, is explain the situation, give them the facts, and lay out the reality of the situation so that they understood it and they could come to their own decision… Before I gave people my opinion or my suggestions, I said let me give you the facts. And here are the facts. And you wanted hard information so you knew what to do, and you wanted facts. Everybody now gives opinions, let me give my opinion. I don’t want your opinion, just give me the facts.

… We laid out the facts and they [New Yorkers] did what they had to do. Which is a great New York expression, do what you have to do… We still have to stay disciplined… You have to be selfish not to wear a mask now. You have to be disrespectful of other people. Otherwise, wear the mask.

Fallon: You are well liked among the ladies. People knowing that you’re single and they think you’re good looking,  some people are calling themselves Cuomosexuals. They are obsessed with you, they want to date you. They want to marry you. Is that changing the way you act all…

Cuomo: No, I enjoy using it selectively. With certain friends and family actually. And those people who are saying good things — it’s only because they don’t know me. When they get to know me, they have a much different opinion.

Fallon was one of a number of “Cuomosexual” celebrities who elevated the governor to hero status by praising his management of the pandemic while ignoring the state’s nursing home death tolls. Other stars who praised the governor include Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah, Robert De Niro, Cher, Ben Stiller, and Spike Lee.

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