Left-Wing Guardian Review Trashes ‘My Son Hunter’: ‘Fiction-Laced Retelling of Hunter Biden Laptop Nothingburger … for Fringe Lunatics’


It was a forgone conclusion that mainstream movie critics — virtually all of whom are far-left radicals — would trash My Son HunterThrowing himself onto what will inevitably be a left-wing pile-on, The Guardian‘s assigned reviewer Charles Bramesco led the charge on Tuesday, delivering a snide pan while also playing white knight to Hunter Biden by spreading the falsehood that the laptop scandal is a mere “nothingburger.”

He also insulted the movie’s potential audience as a bunch of “fringe lunatics.”

Bramesco clearly doesn’t read some of the other publications he writes for — namely, The New York Times, which has authenticated the laptop from hell after spending much of 2020 dismissing it as “baroque mythology.” Other left-wing media outlets, including CNN, have also admitted the laptop is real after trying hard to dismiss it as Russian disinformation.

Watch the trailer:

In his review, Bramesco casts himself and other like-minded leftists as good and sane, while the movie’s target audience is just crazy.

“The truth is that the latest feature-length output from the conservative peanut gallery poses little threat to the viewing public, its foamy-mouthed partisanship speaking only to those already simpatico to its theories and alienating the saner majority within its opening minutes,” he argues.

“It doesn’t deserve time or mental energy from right-thinking citizens, but if the past decade of American politics has taught us anything, it’s that ignoring extremism does not make it go away.”

The review strains itself trying once again to bury the laptop scandal, calling it “tinfoil-hatted mumbo-jumbo” and a “dank bog of paranoia and conspiracy theorizing.”

But not all of it is negative. The reviewer reserves faint praise for British actor Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden, calling his performance a “weirdly magnetic leading turn.” He also appeared to appreciate the movie’s complex take on Hunter “as a macho Fredo slapped down by a life he was never meant for.”

In similar spirit, Bramesco deserves nominal points for actually watching My Son Hunter before panning it — a low bar if ever there was one. His Guardian colleague Emma Brockes apparently didn’t watch the movie before writing her attack.

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