Watch: Pop Star Lizzo Crowns Herself ‘The Beauty Standard’

lizzo bikini

Grammy winning pop star Lizzo is nothing if not confident. The Joe Biden-Kamala Harris 2020 campaigner has publicly confirmed that by posting a new video on social media declaring how beautiful she is.

The singer and self-declared “body icon” showed her 13.4 million Instagram a recording captured in what appears to be her bathroom.

Lizzo is seen in a grey bathrobe topped with natural, wet hair and make-up.

“I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized?” she asked. Lizzo then stared into the camera as she continued to film the selfie-video.

“I am fucking gorgeous,” she declared. “I am the beauty standard.”


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The video ends as Lizzo is standing up in her robe while attempting to continue the recording before the phone crashes down.

Lizzo’s praise of her body follows an interview she gave in March last year, declaring herself a “body icon” and a champion of the body positivity movement.

“It may not be one person’s ideal body type just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone’s ideal, but she’s a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard,” she told PEOPLE.

“And what I’m doing is stepping into my confidence and my power to create my own beauty standard. And one day that will just be the standard.”

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