VIDEO: Texas Community Shows Support for Utility Workers After Storm: ‘We’re Proud of Them’

Neighbors in Diboll, Texas, are thanking crew members working hard to restore utilities following the severe winter storm.

Video footage of workers repairing a water line went viral and drew a response from those who wanted the workers to know they are appreciated, KLTV reported Friday.

“It was very cold that day,” City of Diboll Water Department Head Tino Lopez told the outlet. “We did what we could, but we had to do it with water shooting out and getting all of us wet.”

“The quicker we could get it fixed, the quicker we could dry off and warm up,” said maintenance operator James Johnson.

Many of the crew members worked 24-hour shifts to get things back up and running properly.

“City crews continue to work. Folks, these guys are heroes. They’ve been wet, cold, tired, and hungry all week long, but just keep on trucking,” Mayor Trey Wilkerson commented.

“Some of them have been without power or water at their own homes, but they keep showing up for us. We can’t ever fully repay them, but once things settle down we, as a community, are going to do everything we can to show our appreciation,” he stated.

When salon owner and resident Tonya Mathews heard about the crew’s efforts, she came up with an idea to create care packages for them and hopes other neighbors will join her project.

“I own a salon in Diboll and even if I can do something for them as far as haircuts or anything, I can offer to them, in my salon, I am open for it,” she commented.

However, Lopez said his team was grateful for the support but “this is what we do.”

“We come in. We provide water and sewer, and this is what we do here for the City of Diboll and providing the service to the community,” he explained.

City manager Gerry Boren said whenever things become difficult, the utility crews “work harder to meet the challenge.”

“We’re proud of them and just like I hope the whole community is proud of these guys,” Boren concluded.


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