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Blizzard of Global Warming Blankets U.S. East Coast

The US East Coast has been blanketed in global warming. Layers and layers and layers of it. But don’t worry: it’s not actually real. We know this because of the climate experts and their computer models. (H/T Tom Nelson) Here


Washington D.C. Officials Unprepared for Snow

Washington, D.C. has proven once again that its city government is inept, as evidenced by the massive failure of preparedness dealing with the snow that covered the city on Wednesday.

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**LIVE UPDATES** Massive Winter Storm Hits East Coast

The first major storm of 2016 hit the East Coast on Friday and Washington DC is at the center of the storm’s path. The deadly storm has shut down government services and could bury residents in over two feet of snow.

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Winter Storm Shuts Down Washington D.C.

A massive Winter storm featuring bitterly cold temperatures and blizzard conditions has sparked a full shut down of government offices in Washington D.C.

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Over a Dozen Deaths from Winter Storm Hitting Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

A harsh winter storm is bringing icy roads and snow to the central western region hitting North Texas, South eastern Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The storm is causing heavy rains and cold temps to fan out north and east from Texas bringing a wet weekend for most of the south and midwest. Already over a dozen deaths have been blamed on the storm.

Garland Texas flood casualty WFAA