VIDEO: Florida Alligator Combusts Upon Swallowing Drone

A Florida alligator watches the action from the ninth fairway during third-round play at the PGA Tour's Players Championship March 27, 2004. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/WireImage) *** Local Caption ***
Al Messerschmidt/WireImage

A wild video captured in a TikTok post depicts an alligator eating a drone, and suffering severe consequences in the form of internal burning. Smoke began to billow out of the gator’s mouth only moments after it mistook the device for food.

@devhlangerHere is the alligator eating the drone combined. George is doing fine and still looked hungry after . ##FYP ##alligator ##dji ##drone ##savage ##floridaman

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The gator referred to in the video as “George” watched patiently as a drone hovered mere feet above its head. In a shocking instance, the gator lunged out of the water to snatch the buzzing drone.

“We were trying to get a close up of the gator with its mouth open and thought the obstacle avoidance would make the drone fly away,” a caption on the video read.

Seconds before the chaos ensued, a woman wondered whether or not, “he thinks its food?” Upon observing the alligator seize the drone, she exclaimed, “Oh my god. He’s eating it!” Once the intense smoke began exiting “George’s” mouth, the bystander suggested that the group flee the scene. “Shit, we got to get out of here.”

The video which was originally segmented into two parts has since been condensed into one long TikTok video. As of now, the updated video has garnered more than 120,000 views. Many users have expressed outrage regarding the video with some even claiming to have reported @devhlanger to the appropriate authorities, according to Newsweek.

Questions have arisen pertaining to the location of the incident. While the original two segments of the video include the hashtag #everglades in the caption, the updated video lacks the same tag to indicate the location of the event.

The location of the incident bears significance, as drone flying is prohibited in Everglades National Park. The park’s policy on drones reads, “Drones and other unmanned aircraft are not allowed in the park, or any other National Park Service site. This includes model airplanes, quadcopters, etc.” TikTok user @devhlanger has since claimed that the incident occurred outside of the park and beyond the reach of the National Park’s scope. The exact location of the event is still unclear.

As of now, the status and wellbeing of the alligator remain unknown.


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