Labour's Cost of Living It Up Crisis: New Campaign Vid Stars Pricey Dior Specs

Labour's Cost of Living It Up Crisis: New Campaign Vid Stars Pricey Dior Specs

Labour’s new party political broadcast is due out tomorrow. Don’t worry. I know how much you want to see it. That’s why I got hold of it in advance and have decided to give it to you a day early. Aren’t I kind?

The video focuses heavily on a family living in a rather nice house. Looks like they have an expensive wooden decking in the garden, and of course there’s the obligatory LED television.

Ok so a lot of hard-up families have those things. Usually throwbacks to 2007, when you know… Labour encouraged people to run up massive household debts, while they ran up massive government debts.

But the real star of the show is the lead actress’s spectacles. And I say this as a man who not two hours ago was balking at the price of a new set of frames in my local Vision Express. 

They’re Dior, if I’m not mistaken. And the frames on a set of these badboy’s can run up to £350. That’s not including the lenses, which if you’re even half as blind as me, run about £300 too.

So while Labour bemoans that families are “£1600 worse of a year”, perhaps someone should remind them that this family in particular (hired actors, no doubt) may well have cut that back to just £950 without madam’s spangly specs.

Of course there’s a moral to all of this. Labour and its costly (illegal?) campaign strategists have no idea how real families struggle, or even how they look, for that matter. More of a ‘cost of living it up crisis‘ than a ‘cost of living crisis‘, eh Ed?

Oh yes and as I promised. That party political broadcast in full: