English Channel


MP Calls For Armed ‘Sea Marshals’ On English Channel Ferries

Ferries in the English Channel should have armed guards on board to protect them from terrorists and people smugglers, a British MP has suggested. Charlie Elphicke, the MP for Dover, also called for British naval vessels patrolling the Mediterranean to


People Smugglers Find New Route Into Britain

From Sky News: Migrants are avoiding tough new security measures in Calais by choosing quiet beaches in France to launch attempts to cross the Channel, Sky News has been told. Local people say there is something strange happening on a

UK Border Force

UK Scrambles To Stop Migrants Crossing English Channel Again

(REUTERS) – Britain is investing in extra patrol boats and surveillance to try to prevent migrants crossing the English Channel, a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday. Twenty people, including 18 Albanians, were rescued from the Channel

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Calais Migrants Now Attempting To Cross English Channel On Rafts And Boats

Illegal migrants camped in Calais, France, are attempting to enter Britain by sailing makeshift rafts across the English Channel, as they become increasingly desperate after the ‘Jungle’ was finally dismantled. The reports come from the French Coastguard, which claims to have seen