IN PHOTOS: Terror-Convict Islamists 'Baying for Blood' Square Off Against UK Nationalists Outside London Mosque

IN PHOTOS: Terror-Convict Islamists 'Baying for Blood' Square Off Against UK Nationalists Outside London Mosque

Radical Islamists from the terrorist-linked ‘Need4Khilafah’ group took to London’s streets today in a protest held outside London’s Regent’s Park Mosque. Activists including notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary and others linked to other extremists organisations around the UK arrived at the Regent’s Park Mosque during Friday’s noon prayers.

The Need4Khilafah group, which was first exposed by Breitbart London last month, consists of activists who had previously belonged to banned groups such as Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK. The group appears to be led by preacher Anjem Choudary, and terror-convict Abu Izzadeen.

“We are here to oppose the British government and the war against Islam and Muslims,” claimed Choudary, while another speaker shouted into a PA system, “Call me a terrorist, call me an extremist”. 

Eyewitnesses called the scenes “chaotic”, claiming that the crowds of Islamists were “baying for blood”. 

The group railed against the British government, democracy and urged the implementation of Shariah law in the United Kingdom. The protest was called the “Rally Against British Crusade” and demonstrators waved placards that called Britain an enemy of Islam.

Counter-protestors from the English Defence League and other groups were also in attendance, though reports suggest their numbers did not exceed 50. Britain First, a nationalist group that campaigns against Islamism, immigration, and abortion, wrote on their website: “Bottles and stones rained down on our activists, surrounded on all sides – they even got pelted from the surrounding buildings that were occupied by Muslim residents.”

An English Defence League activist wrote on the EDL North London Facebook page: “…today it was different. They were baying for our blood! What shocked me most and it worries me, there were a group of kids, maybe as young as 10 years old, pointing at me and running their fingers across their throats!!”

Breitbart London has spoken to independent eye-witnesses at the scene, who said that tensions were high, with around 50-100 Islamist protestors, and around 50 British nationalists. Crowds in the high hundreds, or even “thousands” according to some sources, are said to include many Muslims who were pouring out of the mosque following Friday prayers.

Sources told Breitbart London that the police, initially bored, became “rattled” when seeing the size of the crowds leaving the mosque. 

We were also told of a female BBC journalist being man-handled by Islamist demonstrators who “pushed and shoved her” while “trying to knock the camera from her hand”. 

“The police quickly made a line to separate the two groups but there was a lot of shouting and some bottles thrown,” one source said. “The scale of drama was largely unexpected. One man told me he has been attending that mosque every week for 30 years and had never seen anything like it.”

Twitter observers noticed that Britain’s mainstream media had completely ignored the clashes. Omar Malik wrote: “Nothing on BBC or Sky News about the happenings outside Regents Park mosque. What should we call this?”

Islamist activist Abu Rumaysah tweeted: “May Allah bless everyone for their duas. Today’s demo outside Regents Park Mosque against Cameron’s Christian Crusade was a huge success!”

Need4Khilafah uploaded the following video after the protest: 

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