Labour Party Doesn't Know The Name of Its New Obama Advisor

A good start for Ed Miliband’s newest recruit, David Axelrod. Or is that Alexrod? 

Well it is the latter if you consulted the Labour Party website this morning.

Yes, the fanfare was all over the news about Axelrod’s arrival. But the egg was all over Ed Miliband’s face. Mmm, Egg Miliband.

Some incredibly capable Labour Party staff member (yes, go ahead and make the ‘that intern got fired’ joke in the comments) will no doubt be getting it in the ear today.

Oh well, at least an ‘Axelrod’ sounds like something that could keep the spinning wheels together. Something Labour desperately needs. An ‘Alex rod’ on the other hand just sounds like something that the Scottish National Party leader might use to shaft Labour in 2015.