BBC's Clarkson in N-Word Scandal - 'His Position is Untenable' Claims Lawyer

BBC's Clarkson in N-Word Scandal - 'His Position is Untenable' Claims Lawyer

Controversial TV show host Jeremy Clarkson has been accused of use the ‘n-word’ in unaired footage filmed by the BBC.

The Mirror claims that the Top Gear presenter was reciting a rhyme while in front of cameras, during which he allegedly said, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…” before mumbling: “Catch a n****r by his toe”.

The paper reports: 

The shocking footage comes not long after Clarkson was involved in another offensive outburst, when he was accused of using the term “slope” while filming in Thailand for the flagship BBC car show.

Last night, legal experts said that the recent language used by the 54-year-old, who last year reportedly took home £14million thanks largely to his stake in a firm which exploits Top Gear’s global brand, could even result in a breach of the law in some cases.

Lawyer Lawrence Davies told reporters: “Clarkson has to be sacked, no matter how much money he makes for the BBC. Use of that word is not acceptable.”

The Mirror says that it hired a firm of audio forensic experts to analyse the clip. They confirmed that the n-word was indeed used by Clarkson.

An investigator working for CY4OR produced a transcript that said Clarkson said the following: “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a n***** by his toe, when he squeals, let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

One lawyer who owns a legal firm called Equal Justice said: “I believe that under the EU’s Race Directive 2000, Clarkson may be in breach of the law because he used discriminatory language in his workplace. There is no doubt in my mind that his position is now untenable.”

Clarkson is no stranger to controversy, having made jokes about Nazis, Malaysians, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, homosexuality, the Welsh, trade unionists, the mentally ill, India, Japan, and recently, Vietnamese people. 

He is also well known for his long-running feud with Piers Morgan.