WATCH: 'I Love Hitler' Claims British, 'Free Palestine' Protester

WATCH: 'I Love Hitler' Claims British, 'Free Palestine' Protester

The depths to which anti-Semites will sink rarely cease to amaze me, but the young man in this video (below), currently doing the rounds on Facebook, is genuinely jaw-dropping.

No, it’s not his snazzy haircut, designer stubble, expensive sunglasses, or Ralph Lauren shirt that got my eyes-widening. 

It is his callous hatred, noteworthy for his pedestrian attitude alongside it, that really got me shaking.

Whomever this man is – ‘protesting’ alongside ‘Free Palestine’ demonstrators outside a Jewish, British owned shop in Manchester – he has a lot to answer for, and I sincerely hope that someone finds him and exposes him so that he never gets a job (or a girlfriend) in any civilised country again.

Watch as he approaches a crowd of Jewish people and professes his “love” for “his boy” Hitler.

Class, common decency, and a sense of morality have clearly all failed this boy. As have his schools, his parents, and sadly, the relativistic, anti-Semitic society that he was raised in.

He smirks when he realises he’s offended people. But I’d love to see the look on his face when someone tells him Ralph Lauren is Jewish. Oh please, please, please… let me do it.