Daily Express 'EXCLUSIVE' on UKIP Policy is 3 Month Old Breitbart London Story

Daily Express 'EXCLUSIVE' on UKIP Policy is 3 Month Old Breitbart London Story

Britain’s Daily Express newspaper has told splashed an “exclusive” across its front page about a new UKIP policy pledging to abolish inheritance tax in the United Kingdom. 

But far from being an exclusive, the story was broken 2 months and 17 days ago by Breitbart London.

The Express reports

The anti-Brussels party is to include a pledge to scrap the 40% death duty on estates in its manifesto for next year’s general election.

Ukip insiders say the annual tax grab from bereaved families, worth around £3.5billion to the Treasury this year, is fundamentally unjust and needs to be got rid of as a matter of principle.

But Breitbart London reported on July 6th of this year: 

Abolishing inheritance tax will be one of UKIP’s central pledges at the 2015 general election, Breitbart London can exclusively report. The party’s manifesto for the Westminster election says it will get rid of the “Tax On Death”.

Under the current system, any assets held by a person over £325,000 are taxable at 40 percent when they die. That means middle class families with homes that have risen in value can end up with enormous bills, even though the properties in question where bought with salaries that have been taxed already.

The mainstream newspapers being 79 days behind Breitbart London may be another sign of the decline of the dead tree press. 


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