UKIP Support Holds in First Post-Election Poll

Nigel Farage applauds UKIP council success in Thanet

UKIP has overcome its post-election difficulties and maintained the support it won last month, a new poll has revealed.

The YouGov poll for the Sun, the first since last month’s election, puts the party on 13 percent, the same amount it won at the General Election, suggesting voters are unconcerned about its post-election wranglings.

The poll also puts the Conservatives on 41 percent, up four points since the election and 11 points ahead of Labour, who have 30.

The Liberal Democrats remain in fourth place with just seven percent, down a point since last month’s election, suggesting they still have a long way to go to rebuild support after being nearly wiped out.

The figures are good news for UKIP and suggest the four million voters it won last month are sticking with the party. UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “This latest poll shows that the People’s army has a solid base upon which to build.”

The poll also suggests Labour supporters are split about what direction the party should now take. Although Andy Burnham is currently the most favoured of the leadership candidates, he only has 29 per cent support. A near majority, 49 percent, say they do not know who they want as the next leader.

The party’s supporters are also unsure whether it should move further to the left or back to the centre: 33 percent want to go back to the centre but 31 percent want to move further left.

As far as Tony Blair’s legacy is concerned, Labour supporters are equally divided. Despite him winning three elections for Labour with large majorities, just 33 percent think the party should build on his legacy while 32 think the party should distance itself as much as possible from him.

Thirty-seven percent also believe unions have little to no influence over party policy.


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