The Britain-Hating Guilt Brigade Is Meeting Tonight To Talk About How We Need To Take More Migrants


The Britain-hating, Islington, Lefty, Group of Extroverts (BILGE) is meeting tonight in North London to discuss how the United Kingdom should take more migrants. One presumes the Jeremy Corbyn-led cabal will swap out their singing of the Red Flag and replace it with the 1970s hit: “More, more, more… how do you like it, how do you like it?”

Not very much, if the public polling is to be believed. But the instinctively vacuous lefty types are sure to commit to another billion or so migrants (whatever, right?) and obviously, it goes without saying, some serious doses of “solidarity”.

The meeting is backed by groups like Asylum Aid, one representative of which I debated on the subject of migration on Sky News earlier today, before we got cut off by some “students” who want free university tuition for them and their foreign mates too (see the “no borders” placards?).

Zoe Gardner – who seems like an alright though thoroughly guilt-driven person – said “the numbers are not so great” while discussing one of the largest movements of people in human history. See below for a glimpse of my face when she made that claim.

But she did have one good point: policy making around the migrant crisis has been woeful.

I’m sure her solution is to throw the doors open completely, put on chartered flights, and resettle 50,000 “refugees” in the house next door to you (but not to her, or her bosses… no that wouldn’t do).

Mine are quite different, and chime with the admissions being made by security officials, informed public representatives (there are a few but “the numbers are not so great”) and indeed the director of the European Union’s border agency Frontex who finally admitted within the last 24 hours that Europe needs stricter controls and more border guards. Probably too little too late, but when migrants are marauding through my living room, with Zoe Gardner’s faces on their t-shirts, I’ll smile and remember his words fondly (steady on, Zoe… it’s a joke… sort of).

And it only takes a cursory glance at the guest list of tonight’s BILGE meeting to realise that the George Soros-funded Asylum Aid organisation isn’t the only pack of wrong uns in support.

The event boasts of a speech by the head of the Muslim Council of Britain, renowned for its boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day and its involvement in the Islamist Trojan House schools plot.

What on EARTH could the head of the Muslim Council of Britain gain by agitating for the importation of millions of Muslim men from the Middle East and North Africa? Your guess is as good as mine…

And the Labour Party? The “rub the rights nose in diversity” Labour Party army that jumps down the postal vote throat of ethnic minorities in this country and warns them: “don’t vote for those nasty racist Tories or UKIP” and then scurries off with their ballot papers in hand shouting “We’ll deliver these for you!.. Unless you didn’t vote for us.”

No, I’ve no idea what they have to gain either.

Tonight’s “Welcome Here” protest represents the most self-serving and ideologically motivated elements of British society. It represents the interests of the multi-culti Britain haters and their corporate backers (again, look at Asylum Aid’s list of funders… and their funders… and their board members) who see delicious, cheap, migrant labour lining up to get into Britain. Their aims are so transparent they might as well have Mr. Burns as their Executive Chairman, clasping his fingers together and muttering, “Excellent“.

Oh wait, they already do. He’s called Peter Sutherland. And the non-biased TV channels have him on from time to time calling us all a bunch of xenophobes while failing to declare his long-standing allegiance to one of the organisations best placed to benefit from cheap migrant labour: Goldman Sachs (he was the international chairman until May).

So if you have a friend who still votes Labour, and still thinks that these people are working in the best interests of this country, do me a favour. Print this article off, knock on their door, and deliver it through their letter box.

Oh and while you’re at it, please confiscate their postal vote. Especially if they’re in Oldham West and Royton.

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