KASSAM: Remember Today, When Britain Pioneered Freedom for the World Again

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Today, Britain sets in train the official process to become the first member state to cast off the shackles of a broken and bankrupt European Union, once again proving the United Kingdom pioneers freedom and democracy in the world.

Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50, and populations across other European Union member states are watching us with both envy and hope.

Today is a day when legacy Remain campaigners need to throw their weight behind making what happens after Brexit the best outcome it can possibly be. That means an end to the sniping, and end to trying to derail the process, and an end to the seemingly ceaseless stream of lies they have infected our public discourse with for the past few years.

In short, we won.

But we must also be magnanimous in victory.

Today isn’t a day to rub the win for freedom and democracy in the faces of those who lost the argument. It is a day to hold out our hands and say: “Join us”.

It is a day to say, “If you too believe in doing the best for your country, then sign up here, and fight with us against a European Union that will undoubtedly attempt to make this process as difficult as possible in order to stop its own internal rot and serve its own selfish, ideological aims”.

If they reject you, or refuse, leave them be. Let them wallow in their self-pity and self-hatred. Today is our day, and they won’t ruin it.

And today, March 29th, will go down in history as one of the most important days in our history.

You will want to celebrate. You will want to remember how hard the struggle was. You will want to thank the leaders and the grassroots supporters you know for contributing to one of the most magnificent upsets in modern political history.

Brexit is happening.

Britain is booming.

And the worst years of a Brussels-based attack on sovereignty, liberty, and identity are hopefully now behind us.

Trite though all these words may seem: today is the sum total of what you have all achieved as relentless campaigners and proud countrymen.

And if it means bashing out 400-words of cliches and self-congratulation to underscore all that… I’m okay with it!


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