THR: ‘Torchbearer’ Shows Phil Robertson ‘Clutching a Bible in One Hand and a Rifle in the Other’

Citizens United Productions/Glittering Steel
Citizens United Productions/Glittering Steel

Tatiana Siegel and Gregg Kilday at the Hollywood Reporter interviewed Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander Phil Robertson about his new documentary film “Torchbearer,” which premiered this week at the Cannes film festival in a special screening for distributors.

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, on his first visit to Cannes, is, quite literally, a duck out of water.

He couldn’t bring his favorite firearms. And he’s missing his wife Miss Kay’s cooking. “If you want to lose weight, come to Cannes,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter while sipping an espresso at the Carlton.

He is here to sell a movie titled Torchbearer. Its poster, which shows Robertson clutching a Bible in one hand and a rifle in the other, leaves little ambiguity about its message, with a tagline that reads: “When man stops believing in God, he’ll believe in anything.”

“It’s a picture of spiritual warfare,” the 70-year-old reality TV star said of the image. “A gun is gonna prevent someone from robbing my household and raping my wife and there’s five of them, and if I have a weapon, I have a chance. It’s like San Bernardino, if someone just had a weapon. Or Paris. And it would have helped [if the Jews were armed in Nazi Germany].”


But it was guns, not deals, that were on Robertson’s mind as he held forth at the Carlton. “It took Bibles and guns in order to found America,” he said. “It did take guns to send the Brits back to where they came from. What did it take when we went up against the Nazis? Faith in God. Hitler didn’t have any faith in God. There was no Jesus with him. No Jesus with Joseph Stalin or the Shintoists who attacked us in Pearl Harbor. And now we have the current crop. No Jesus with them either. No Jesus with the communists. And no Jesus with the Muslims. They seem alike. They all want to conquer the world.”

Read the rest at The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the ‘Torchbearer’ trailer below:


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