WATCH: Hundreds March Through West Hollywood During ‘Rescue America’ Rally

Hundreds of Americans marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills on Saturday to show their love for the country.

The group gathered around 1 p.m. and quickly grew from about 200 to 400 people by 2 p.m., according to CBS Los Angeles.

The Walk Away Campaign organized the event to “show the radical left that they do not own America’s streets and that our country is filled with kind, loving, big-hearted Americans of every race, religion, background, and creed,” its website read.

The site continued:

#WalkAway Foundation is dedicated to pushing back on the radical Left. We will no longer tolerate the destruction of property and lives, the villainization of law enforcement, and the weaponization of tragedies. Our silence has been our consent! It is time for the Silent Majority to become UNSILENT!

The campaign tweeted video footage Saturday evening of the marchers holding “#WalkAway Walk Toward Civility” signs and others that read things such as “Former Democrat, Red Forever”:

“What we did in Los Angeles earlier today was astounding. Historical. Epic. I have much to say about it,” campaign founder Brandon Straka wrote on Facebook. “I am so proud. It was absolutely revolutionary.”

The campaign also tweeted video of the marchers, carrying American flags and Trump flags, walking down a sidewalk as drivers honked in support:

Actor Scott Baio also addressed the crowd and said he loved America and wanted to save it because “I love that we’re a God-fearing nation. I love that we’re a law-abiding nation. I love our traditional values.”

When Fox 11 reporter Bill Melugin called the march a “right wing event” on Twitter, Straka replied and said the campaign was “proud to accept Trump supporters & right wingers into our family, but we are not a right wing or a Trump movement”:

“So Los Angeles came out today to rescue America,” Straka commented during a video he took of the crowd:

“This is absolutely incredible… Because as we have watched for months, our cities, our states, our country being demolished and destroyed. Feeling outnumbered, feeling demoralized, feeling like we were completely outnumbered… look at this,” he noted.

“These people are energized. These people are ready,” Straka said of the marchers.


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