Grandmother and Man Who Met After Accidental Text Reunite to Honor Her Late Husband on Thanksgiving

A grandmother in Mesa, Arizona, and a young man she met after texting the wrong number recently shared another Thanksgiving meal and honored her late husband.

“It all started when Wanda Dench, now 63, thought she was texting her own grandson about Thanksgiving dinner plans but accidentally texted now 21-year-old Jamal Hinton instead,” ABC 7 reported.

In 2016, Hinton was sitting in class at Desert Vista High School when the message came through. He asked who it was from and Dench responded, “It’s your grandma.”

He then asked her to send a photo to make sure:

The moment he realized it was not his grandmother, Hinton replied with a photo of himself and asked her to save him a plate of food, to which she responded, “that’s what grandmas do….feed everyone.”

Screenshots of the wrong messages went viral on social media, with others asking her to save them a plate. The two later decided to meet in person when her real grandson contacted him.

“They had so much fun together that Hinton has joined Dench’s family for Thanksgiving every year since,” the ABC report said.

After Dench lost her beloved husband, Lonnie, to the coronavirus in March, Hinton and his girlfriend have continued to offer their support.

On Friday, they gathered for a small Thanksgiving celebration and honored Lonnie by placing a candle and a photo of him at the head of the table, according to Arizona Family.

“I didn’t want to miss Thanksgiving with Jamal,” Dench said, adding, “This year is definitely different than all the years in the past.”

It was their fifth Thanksgiving together and Hinton said the tradition has “become a huge part of our lives.”

“It’s great being part of something so loving and having people around the world to talk to us and being touched by our story,” he concluded.


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