WATCH — Man Meets Biological Family After Decades-Long Search: ‘I Never Gave Up’

Family members separated years ago were brought back together when 59-year-old computer analyst Martin Hauser of Mesa, Arizona, met his younger brother on April 23.

Hauser was adopted as an infant in North Carolina and has since spent over three decades looking for his biological family through websites and DNA programs, KENS reported.

“It was rough. It was hard; it was mentally exhausting,” he recalled. “But I never gave up.”

A few years ago, he joined a Facebook group that helps adopted kids connect with their biological family members.

Thanks to a change in North Carolina law allowing agencies to assist people with finding their biological families for a nominal fee, Hauser located his dad’s death certificate.

It said his father had a son named Joseph B. Shaw Jr., so Hauser tracked down Shaw using Facebook. His brother, known as Joe, renovates homes in North Carolina.

“We’ve been talking and texting ever since,” said Hauser, adding a DNA kit confirmed their relationship.

He also found out he has an older half-sister and another sister who passed away from cancer.

When Hauser flew to meet Joe in North Carolina, they embraced and talked about Joe’s upcoming wedding. The two also went to visit their biological mom.

“When we got to her house, she told me how much she loved me. She said love is not a big enough word for what has just happened,” Hauser explained.

According to CNN, their mom gave him up for adoption because she had no money and was ill at the time.

But following their reunion, she said, “I was so happy, I cried.”

Hauser said he felt blessed and loved once she explained the reason behind his adoption. Now, he hopes his family’s story will inspire others to never stop searching for their loved ones.

“I never gave up on finding you,” Hauser told Shaw. “I’ll never lose him again. Promise!”


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