Joe Biden to Bring Illegal Aliens Deported Under Trump Back to U.S.

Asylum seekers wait outside El Chaparral crossing port as they try to cross to the United

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to bring tens of thousands of illegal aliens ordered deported under former President Donald Trump’s administration back to the United States.

In a DHS notice sent to Congress, according to reports, the Biden administration will release illegal aliens into the U.S. interior who were enrolled in the now-defunct “Remain in Mexico” program and whom a federal immigration judge order deported when they failed to show up to their asylum hearings.

The Remain in Mexico program, which Trump enacted, helped drastically cut asylum fraud by requiring migrants stay in Mexico while awaiting their asylum hearings in the U.S. so as not to be released into the U.S. interior, never show for their hearings, and live illegally for years.

Biden, almost immediately after taking office, ended the Remain in Mexico program and has instead released about 11,000 enrolled migrants — those with still open asylum cases — into the U.S. interior with the help of the United Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Now, the nearly 35,000 illegal aliens who were either ordered deported or had their asylum cases terminated could find themselves eligible for release into the U.S. interior and have their cases reheard.

As of May, less than one percent of migrants enrolled in the Remain in Mexico program have been granted asylum to stay in the U.S. Nearly 30,000 migrants still have pending asylum cases and are being released into states such as Texas, California, Florida, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, among others.

The Biden administration is considering paths to bring other deported illegal aliens back to the U.S. for release into the nation’s interior. One plan backed by corporate interests and the open borders lobby would bring deported illegal aliens, those who applied for some form of legal status, back to the U.S. Another plan would bring deported illegal aliens who left their children in the U.S. back to the country to receive reparations.

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