Israeli Medical Company Hopes To Save Thousands Of Women’s Lives Per Year

Midwife Aude Blizak (R), gynaecologist Julie Riviere (2nd R) and the husband Marc-Olivier Lagadic attend the delivery of Sabrina Biancuzzi on August 2, 2013 at 'Les Lilas' maternity hospital in Les Lilas, a northeastern Paris suburb.

The Times of Israel reports: A small team of researchers based in the hills outside Jerusalem is designing technology that could potentially save thousands of women’s lives per year.

The company behind this, Illumigyn, is using advanced imaging technology originating in the Israeli military to develop medical hardware that gynecologists could use to better identify and treat cervical cancer and other diseases in routine inspections for women.

“The product is ready, and this is a game-changing experience for the patient, for the quality of service, and for the ability to treat women, not only at the point of injury, or problem, but also through their entire life,” said Ran Poliakine, the serial entrepreneur funding the project.

The company is working under Poliakine’s guidance on a campus near his home in Neve Ilan, a small moshav about a 20-minute drive west of Jerusalem. The campus is home to 12 companies supported by Poliakine, who made his name with the wireless charging company Powermat Technologies, which he founded in 2006.

Most of the staff on the campus are Israeli veterans of the high tech industry with experience in companies like Intel and Microsoft.

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