Breitbart’s Aaron Klein: Adopt Israeli Model of Armed Guards at U.S. Soft Targets

RAMLA, ISRAEL - SEPTEMBER 1: Israeli schoolchildren pass through a metal detector on their way to class where strict security was imposed for the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to their primary school on the first day of classes September 1, 2002 in the central Israel town of …
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In the wake of the Orlando terrorist shooting massacre, the U.S. should consider adopting the Israeli model of deploying private security guards at soft targets like night clubs, shopping centers and restaurants, Breitbart Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein suggested on Sunday night.

Klein, American reporter, has been based in Israel as a foreign correspondent since 2005.

On Klein’s radio show, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” a caller asked the reporter and radio host for suggestions on how administrators of soft targets “such as restaurants, night clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, (and) synagogues” can improve their security.

Klein, who broadcasts from Tel Aviv, replied:

Broadcasting right now live from Tel Aviv, I think that the model of Israel really needs to come to America. And I think it’s actually past time. And now that the jihad of Orlando has mimicked the jihad of Paris, and I think that there’s going to be more coming, then you are asking an excellent question. And the answer is clear.

…All soft targets, all malls, all shopping centers, all restaurants, all cafes, unfortunately, I think need to hire an armed guard outside, at the very least.

Klein explained the added costs can be taken from the patrons themselves, pointing to the Israeli practice of adding a miniscule, non-obligatory security charge at many commercial establishments.

If armed guards cannot be hired, Klein also advocated at least one armed and well trained congregant at religious institutions, especially churches and synagogues.

Listen to the exchange below:

Klein later added:

Here in Israel, I go through security checks several times per day to get into places like shopping malls and restaurants. It took me a while at first, but eventually I did get used to it. It’s a part of the daily routine here and it’s not disruptive at all; at least not in Israel. It only works well obviously if the security checks are deployed efficiently and also if the private guards are not afraid to profile if additional measures are required.

Klein qualified that given the track record of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), he is concerned that private U.S. companies could become similarly inefficient. And he said he fears that “political correctness” in America could lead to a situation in which Muslim radicals can infiltrate private security firms, pointing to reports that Omar Mateen himself worked as a guard for GS4, a major security firm.