Reaching Out to Muslims, Netanyahu Plans Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Trips

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (L) holds an Israeli national flag after a join press conference with and Kenya's President in July 5, 2016 at the State House, in Nairobi. Netanyahu visits Kenya on the second leg of a four nation tour of sub-Saharan Africa. / AFP / SIMON MAINA …

The Times of Israel reports: NAIROBI, Kenya – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to visit Kazakhstan and possibly Azerbaijan this winter, he said Tuesday, as he looks to extend a series of overtures aimed at expanding Israel’s diplomatic reach.

Netanyahu announced his travel plans during a briefing with Israeli reporters accompanying him on his current four-country tour in eastern Africa.

During the briefing, he laid out his plan to create new alliances around the globe in a bid to strengthen Jerusalem’s position in the conflict with the Palestinians.

He said the trip would take place in the winter but did not give exact dates.

Azerbaijan, which has a long border with Iran, is a secular state that has long had warm relations with Israel. Nearly 98 percent of its 10 million inhabitants are Muslim, the vast majority of them Shiites.

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