Israel’s Security Cabinet Moves to Encourage Illegal Workers to Leave By Choice

An African migrant holds an Israeli flag after being released from the Holot detention center in the Negev. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The Jerusalem Post reports: The cabinet on Sunday approved a preliminary version of a law that would encourage illegal migrants to leave the country by mandating that 36 percent of the migrant’s salary be put into an account that the worker would receive only after leaving the country.

Twenty percent of this would be deducted from the worker’s salary, with the employer obligated to set aside another 16%.

The scheme is part of an effort to encourage migrants to leave the country voluntarily, either to their land of origin or to a third country.

The purpose of this particular law is to increase the cost to employers of hiring migrants.

According to figures the Interior Ministry provided the cabinet on Sunday, some 2,004 migrants voluntarily left the country in 2016, bring to 14,411 the number who have done so since 2013.

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