Rights Group Blasts Hamas for Restricting Palestinian Movement in Gaza

Palestinians wait next to their taxies to be processed for travel across the Rafah border into Egypt on December 19, 2003 in Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza strip. Israeli authorities who control the only crossing point on the border allow 400 Palestinians to cross a day, but queues far …
Abid Katib/Getty

The Times of Israel reports: A major Palestinian rights organization expressed concern Thursday after the Hamas-led authorities in Gaza imposed new restrictions on travel for businessmen.

A new circular will restrict businesspeople from leaving Gaza through the Erez crossing into Israel unless they have paid all their water, electricity and other bills, the interior ministry recently announced.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights, a Palestinian NGO, said the move was a threat to Gazans’ freedom of movement, calling it “contrary to law.” “It is a serious encroachment on the right of movement and travel,” a statement said.

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