UK’s Derby County Soccer Club Holds Moment of Silent for British Student Murdered in Jerusalem Terror Attack

British Foreign And Commonwealth Office

The Times of Israel reports: England’s Derby County soccer club held a minute of silence before the start of its game against Huddersfield Town on Monday evening in honor of Hannah Bladon, who was stabbed to death in a Jerusalem terror attack on Friday. Bladon, 20, was a fervent Derby County supporter.

Before the kick-off, the stadium announcer called for a minute’s silence in memory of Bladon, who was “tragically murdered” on Friday in Jerusalem. He expressed the club’s “sincerest sympathies” to Bladon’s family.

The gesture was impeccably observed, with thousands of fans of both teams standing in silence. The players from each team stood, arms linked and heads bowed, facing each other in the center of the field. When the minute was over, fans also applauded.

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