WATCH: Protesters Retaliate Against Seattle TV Station for Reporting Riot Arrests

Seattle police make arrests after protesters invade KING5 NBC lobby on Thursday evening. (
Twitter Video Screenshot

Protesters invaded the lobby of a Seattle television news station to object to the reporting of people arrested in riots. Police intervened and made arrests on the scene.

A Twitter video shows protesters in the lobby of KING5 NBC Seattle on Thursday evening. Protesters expressed outrage about the television news station reporting the news of rioters being arrested.

A Seattle police officer can be seen calling for backup as the situation appears to become more intense.

The man live-streaming the protest calls for others to join them to help “reduce the likelihood” of protesters being arrested.

This is the KING5 news report that outraged the protesters:

One woman bemoans the news station’s reporting the public information of people who are being arrested during protests and riots in the Seattle area.

“They did an investigation and they’re doxing protesters,” the woman yells into the news station’s lobby. “They need to dox the police officers that kill people.”

She then yelled about the officer threatening to arrest her (for trespassing).

The next Twitter video shows police arresting one man in the lobby of the station after apparently moving protesters out onto the sidewalk.

“He was sitting down,” a woman yelled as officers put the subject into the police car in handcuffs. The man allegedly refused to leave the lobby of the TV station after being warned about trespassing. “He was sitting! He never said a f*cking word.”

Police made more arrests as the situation became more intense. Protesters began yelling, “All cops are bastards.”

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