CNN Fact Checkers Rush to Correct Trump Typo


CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter made sure to fact check a Twitter typo from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump before the polls closed on Tuesday.

Trump quoted CNN in a tweet about “voting machine problems” in Utah. The tweet used the word “country” instead of “county,” and the gumshoes at CNN were all over it!

Tapper devoted airtime to set the record straight; the chyron during the segment read, “TRUMP TWEET MISTAKENLY ALLEGES NATIONWIDE VOTING ISSUES.”

“The problem is ‘problems across the county.’ A county, not the country, as Mr Trump tweeted,” Tapper said. “It’s the difference of an ‘r’, but kind of an important one.”

Stelter, to do his part, rushed to Twitter to admonish Trump.


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